Cartoon What?

Everyone asks… “What in Sam Hill is Cartoon Drum?”

Unfortunately, there isn’t a nail biting story behind the name “Cartoon Drum.” It’s simply is the combination of two nouns that define Matt Douglas’ favorite things. Cartoons & Drums. Now it’s a place where you can buy limited edition Lapel Pins, Art Prints, Stickers, Patches & other Goods.

Matt’s journey with Cartoon Drum started by consuming large (healthy) amounts of Looney Tunes, Ren & Stimpy and Rush in the self proclaimed “Smallest City in the Country,” Vergennes, Vermont.

After spending most of his teenage years filling the margins of his Algebra notebooks with doodles, he attended the Savannah College of Art & Design where he honed his skills in Animation and dodging Meter Maids.

His work has shown up on Gig Posters for Beach House, Guster, The Sam Roberts Band and Of Monsters & Men. He has held a variety of solo art shows and contributed to various gallery exhibits around the world from New York to Amsterdam.

Matt currently lives in the suburbs of Burlington, Vermont with his patient wife & 2 silly kids. He has an addiction to all things Haribo and a passion for vintage pixels.